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A church is a special and unique place to get married in – the prayers, the promises, the service of celebration becomes part of your marriage itself, both on the day and beyond.

Weddings have been carried out in All Saints Church for several hundred years, and we like to think that we can build on this tradition by making your special day as unique and tailored for you as we can.

Everyone in England has a legal right to be married in their Parish church, but there are several options that mean that you can now marry in other churches where you have (or can make) a connection. This includes whether one of your parents or grandparents lived or were married in the parish, as well as whether you have lived in the parish.

More information about a Church of England wedding can be found here.

If you would like to discuss your upcoming wedding with us, please contact Revd Robert Opala on weddings@huttonrudbychurch.org.uk

The recent video below provides a tour of the church both inside and out.  We are very grateful to the Local History Society for permission to include this video