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Our Work in the Community

Links with the Community and the other churches

Since June 2001, our parish has been part of the Hutton Rudby Local Ecumenical Partnership, (LEP), building on our growing fellowship of recent years, so that we work more closely with the Methodist and Roman Catholic Churches in our community. There are regular shared acts of worship in each other’s churches, work together among the children and young people of our village, joint fund-raising activities for Christian Aid and other charities, and various forms of pastoral care and evangelistic outreach.

Our Church is here not only to worship GOD, proclaim His Word and administer His Sacraments, but also to care for everyone in our local community. Together with the other Churches we have Community Concern, a pastoral care scheme with Street Wardens for each road or area. They are the Churches’ local representatives, delivering the newsletter, being a friend and resources for help in time of need. If you or a relative need help for visiting hospital, shops or church, for sitting with someone, or other caring support, just ask your newsletter-deliverer or contact Su Reid on 01642 700035 or Revd. Robert Opala on 01642 701245. This scheme supplements the good caring work of other agencies in our community. We also have a Prayer Visiting scheme, linking your area and needs (if you wish to share them) with our Sunday prayers in church.

Church News, a monthly ecumenical leaflet, is distributed free to every house. The latest edition can be found here.

Links with Hutton Rudby Primary School

Open the Book is a project which offers primary school children an opportunity to hear the major stories of the Bible, from a team of Christians from local churches, who present the stories during assemblies/acts of Collective Worship. Each presentation takes around 10-15 minutes and can be incorporated into a wider school assembly, or can stand alone.

Each Tuesday an ecumenical Open the Book team goes to Hutton Rudby Primary School, to read and act out with the KS1 children well known Bible stories. We are always looking for help to make props, clothing etc and in other ways. For further information, please contact Jennifer Watt, 01642 701730.

Open the Book presents The Good Shepherd

The Church enjoys a close relationship with the school – members of the school choir of the Primary School have been involved in the annual Carol Service which is always a real joy and the School holds end of term and other special services in All Saints Church. Among these recently were two wonderful performances of the Easter musical “Jerusalem Joy”, by Roger Jones which retells the famous series of events from Palm Sunday to the resurrection on Easter Sunday. The choir from the church was thrilled to be asked to join the school choir for this.