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You are invited to the mini-pilgrimage on the 31st of May 2021 (Bank Holiday) to the Old Church of the Holy Cross in Whorlton. The pilgrimage ends there with a short service of prayer at 3:00 pm and then we will have a little picnic so please bring something to eat and drink. 
But where will the pilgrimage start? It will start from two places:
1) The Church of St Mary in Potto for those who like short distances to walk
2) Lady Chapel in Osmotherly for those who like longer walks. 
You will be walking in the group of your friends of your choice but it is advised that the groups will have only 6 people or 2 households. 
You can start walking whenever you wish,  at whatever speed you want, but you will be expected in arrive in Whorlton church before 3:00 pm as the prayer begins at 3:00 pm.