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Film and Spirituality 5/6

Film and Spirituality 5/6

During this fifth session we will reflect on the question of love and contemplation understood as an intimate conversation between two loving hearts.

Contemplation is one of three values on which we build our true Self.  We can enjoy witnessing this value in the US film: “Bridges of Madison County” by Clint Eastwood.

This 1995 film portrays a story of Robert Kincaid, a divorced and well-travelled photo-journalist who comes to a small Iowa village to shoot covered bridges for National Geographic magazine.

Asking for directions, Robert meets a young immigrant from Italy, Francesca (Meryl Streep), whose husband and two children are away at the state fair for four days.  The photographer and the Italian housewife are immediately attracted to each other.

A relationship simmers in her kitchen where they swap stories, prepare food, eat, drink and dance.  However, after some initial romance they soon discover that there is something more important in life:  deep spiritual experience of love and compassion.