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Film and Spirituality

Film and Spirituality – Discovering Gospel values and the meaning of life in film

October Theme – The Mystery of Connection and communication

You are warmly invited to the first session of our new project, SPIRITUALITY & FILM, during which we hope to explore different films in search for God and the meaning of life. In this October session we are going to reflect on the subject of communication and connection presented in the US drama:


by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu whose film focuses on four families in four countries in a multidimensional story that engages the senses, startles the mind, and engenders within our consciousness an appreciation for small acts of kindness and compassion in a world filled with hatred and confusion,  suffering and loss. People today are cut off from each other by race, language, culture, and tradition. Although the mass media claims to be uniting us, the separations among people are more notorious today than ever before. Ideas about who belongs in our communities, coupled with prejudice against outsiders, strangers, and foreigners, make us feel ill-at-ease wherever we are. We cluster in small units of family and community while eschewing religious allegiance to the human family. The biblical Babel is nothing compared to the many forms of Babel in our time. And Inarritu plunges us into the suffering, trials, and tribulations of people dealing with hardships that would test any soul. But at the end there is always hope and universal goodness which can win the pain of separation and prejudice.