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Bell Ringing at All Saints

At Hutton Rudby, there is a ring of six bells in the tower, tuned to the key of A.

Bell mark on old bell in All Saints Church tower
  • Tenor – cwt 6-2-17 – inscribed “1664 MO IS FILI DEO MISERERE MEI – IF FG”
  • 5 – cwt 5-3-3 – thought to date from ca.1490, inscribed “AVE GLORIA PLUA DOMINUS ORBIT”
  • 4 – cwt 4-3-13 – inscribed “I ring for God and King – King George VI Crowned 12th May 1937 – Given by Annie H Wilson”
  • 3 – cwt 4-1-9 – inscribed “1767 GLORIA IN ALTISSIMUS” stamped Dalton Ebor
  • 2 – cwt 3-3-12 – inscribed “The family Bell – recast 1981 – from the 1784 Ellerton Priory Bell”
  • 1 – cwt 3-1-4 – inscribed “Dedicated to the memory of Edward Hudson bellringer of Ripon Cathedral  1909 – 1979”

On 11 November 2018 the following bell ringers rang the bells at All Saints, joining thousands of bell ringers across the country to celebrate the day that the guns fell silent, and the Armistice was signed.

1 Jean Hallett, 2 John Groom, 3 Ashley Law (C), 4 Howard Rogers, 5 John G Hallett, 6 Brian Ramsden

1st quarter peel inside 4 was rung at 7.05pm, following the lighting of the Hutton Rudby beacon on the Village Green.

New ringers are always welcome and during summertime, the bell ringers practice on the third Wednesday at 7.30pm.

During winter time, practice is on third and fourth Wednesdays at 7.30 p.m.

The Tower contact is Brian G Ramsden, Tel. 01642 784858 or mobile number  07860 418024, e-mail swainbytower@virginmedia.com

(With thanks to John G Hallett for the use of the photograph)