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All Souls 2020 – list of names




We remember with joy those we love who have died but are present in our hearts.

Amid our fears for the earth, and for our society, and for our families and friends, we give thanks for their lives.

 Sister Cecilia Elizabeth Adams

 Fred Addison   

 Heather and Clive Addison 



Maurice Atkinson


Jack Baker, with Bob, his brother

  Pat Barber

Marjorie Bingham  

Michael Brabin

 Doris and Stanley Brabin, Edward and Violet Kettle, David Kettle 

Chris Brown  

Ernie Cope, Mina Gregson, Jack Gregson, John Gregson


Joyce Corner, Muriel Corner, Norma Newbold      


 Lawrence Derbyshire   





                                Keith Dodds with Harry


Olwyn and Brian Duck

 (Parents of Ali Farman)



Ina Duff 


Hugh and Emily Donaldson, Clifford and Edith Rayne, Barbara Willard   


Agnes Duncan, Archibald Duncan, Alastair Duncan, Isabella Duncan 

Colin Gent, Joshua Gent, Nell Kemp (Diane’s Mother)






 Geoff and Thelma Gilbert 


 Gladys Chamberlain (Pat Searle’s aunt)

Jennifer Goss                                  

( Pat Searle’s Cousin)  






                                               Betty Gotts                 Bobby Hart 




Dave Hedger

 Joan Johnston   

Neville Lloyd Jones, Glenys Vaughan Evans, Arthur Vaughan Williams, Kathryn Jane Williams, Elizabeth Mary Williams    

Rita and Len Krauss  

Harry and Margaret Massey, Andrew Massey (Parents and Brother of Su Reid)                  


Dr Mani Metha     Anaesthetist at James Cook for 40 years






                            John McDougall

 Barry and Graham Milburn 

 Barbara Munson  

George and Marion Reid, Iain Reid       

Jean Rogers  

John Sabey 

 William Arnold Sidgwick

Jane Whitelock Sidgwick   

Benjamin Robert Sidgwick       

Tony Shaw  

Revd. Linda Shipp  

John Slade    

Barbara Smith    Mother of Pauline Reed


 Jonathan Stott, William J Stott, Eileen Pyrah  

                                                                      Ernest and Jessie Turnbull

                                                                      (Parents of Ann Pyle)




Brian Watt    






John Wheatley