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The meaning of Mothering Sunday

We cannot hold our planned Mothering Sunday Service together in church this year as we planned.  But we can pray with and for each other.

MOTHERING SUNDAY has been celebrated since early times as Mid-Lent Sunday: a day of feasting in relief of the fast of Lent, and a day when priests and, later, people, returned to their home or ‘mother’ churches, or their families for one day’s holiday.

MOTHERS’ DAY was first celebrated in 1908 in West Virginia, USA, when Anna Jarvis asked her State to celebrate the memory of her mother, recently died, who had nursed soldiers of both sides in the American Civil War of the 1860s; and also to honour all mothers and others who care for the vulnerable.

Today we celebrate both MOTHERS’ DAY and MOTHERING SUNDAY:

We honour and give thanks for all who care for families, of whatever size and shape and race;

And, in the middle of Lent, as spring approaches, we will celebrate our mother the earth, and our relationship with creation

Su Reid