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Reverse Advent Calendar

What is a Reverse Advent Calendar?It is where you “give” an item a day, starting in November, so that by early December you have 25 items that can be donated to Middlesbrough Food Bank.  Either put your box in Church, Chapel or give to George Reid, 6 West End by 6th December and it can be delivered, in time for Christmas!

It’s a great way to show children that Christmas is also about giving. You can also get them involved in the project by asking them to decorate the box.

We’re incredibly lucky to have food, home and family around us. Perhaps in some tiny way we can help make Christmas better elsewhere.  We want the foodbanks to be bursting with goodies and essentials for December when families are most in need.

See the Advent Calendar Tree here for suggestions of items needed.

NB  Advent calendars are not really ideal.  If Advent calendars come in after parcels are put together for the beginning of December, it rather misses the point.