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Film and Spirituality 3

In this month, as we continue our reflection on the mystery of spiritual journey, and healing we are going to watch a US film that is considered one of the best spiritual films:

The Way

by Emilio Estevez who directs his father Martin Sheen in this very spiritual travel-film based on the book by his grandfather Ramon Estevez. ‘The Way’ depicts a heartfelt spiritual odyssey undertaken by a quietly grieving father who develops a greater understanding of his peripatetic son after his untimely death. Martin Sheen gives a fully rounded performance as Tom Avery, a taciturn American doctor who goes to France to retrieve the body of his adult son Daniel (Emilio Estevez) following his death in the French Pyrenees mountains. Daniel had just begun trekking on a thousand-year-old religious trail called El Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James) when he was killed in a storm. The film’s gently inspirational quality is never heavy-handed or preachy, though the episodic nature of the tale has moments of a very clear spiritual message about what in our life is really important. Mostly, this is a sweet, life-affirming tale of a tightly wounded man who learns to loosen up and appreciate life. The long walk quickly becomes a real spiritual journey and pilgrimage for the old doctor who eventually rediscovers his inner self and the true meaning of life. This journey also becomes a form of post-mortal reconciliation with his killed son.

The film will be shown at Swainby Church Hall on Tuesday, 28th January at 7.00pm.