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Easter Garden 2020

Reflection by Su Reid


If you walk past All Saints Church this year you might notice a tiny garden-in-pots in the church porch. It will be there all summer, with more plants as the season progresses. 

This weekend, which is Easter, it recalls the garden where Jesus was buried after his crucifixion and where he first appeared, to Mary Magdalene, when he rose from death.  There is a small tomb among the plants, and three crosses on the wall. On Easter Sunday the stones will be moved away from the tomb and new life will be seen.

All summer the garden will recall the monks’ gardens at Mount Grace Priory – only a few miles away but we cannot visit it just now.  

The Carthusian monks who lived in Mount Grace from 1399 to 1539 each had their own cell, or small house, and garden.  They lived in solitude, only meeting to pray together.  

They are believed to have sought peace and pleasure, as well as food, from their little private gardens.  The plants growing in our church porch this year are all plants known to have been cultivated in their times .

Just now there is parsley, fennel, sorrel, hyssop, oregano and marjoram.  Soon there will be beans, chives, borage, calendula, marigolds.

In our strangely quiet lives this year we remember the monks’ lives.  

We pray for those who are lonely, sick, afraid, bereaved.

We give thanks for all those working to help the rest of us.